“Citizen’s Vote Empowerment” is a bold new vision of a more ‘democratic’ way to do Democracy!

Our search for the ideal voting system led to two conclusions:
First, all voting systems have flaws;
Second, our focus should be on the Citizens and their votes, not the Parties and their seats.

From this, we discovered something quite unexpected:
All major problems with our existing voting system arise from a single flaw
which can easily be removed
—through “Citizen’s Vote Empowerment”!

So what is that flaw?  And what is “Citizen’s Vote Empowerment”?
The flaw:  all votes for losing candidates are ‘wasted’—having zero representation value in the Legislature.
The solution:  Stop wasting Citizen’s votes—by giving them all equal value in the Legislature!

Citizen’s Vote Empowerment” is the way to stop wasting Citizen’s votes by
Doing Democracy ‘right’, by making the Citizen’s votes really count,
where it matters most—in the Legislature!

The Citizen’s Vote is the fundamental unit of Democracy!

Citizen’s Vote Empowerment” makes the voting power of each party in the Legislature
exactly equal to their total number of Citizens’ votes — not their number of seats!

"Electoral Justice Now!" is a new organization advocating for just that:   "Electoral Justice Now!"