To “Make Every Vote Count” is a bold new vision of a much more ‘democratic’ way to do Democracy!
It’s an inspiring concept — and an ideal that every democracy ought to fulfill.

To “Make Every Vote Count – Always” is a natural extension of this concept,
leading directly to the simple innovative transformation that truly makes it work!

The Citizens Vote is the fundamental unit of Democracy!

Our solution is called PPR123 — “Perfect Proportional Representation” (with “Instant Runoff Voting”). 
PPR123 focuses on the Citizen’s vote—unlike all other electoral reforms that focus on members and seats.

With PPR123, the voting power of each party in Parliament is derived from — and is precisely equal to
their total number of Citizens’ votesnot their number of elected representatives!

PPR123 guarantees Voter Equalityby ensuring that no Citizen’s vote is ever wasted!
Every Citizen’s vote is entrusted to an elected representative!

Votes for all defeated candidates are retained by each party and reassigned to one of their elected representatives;
each Citizen’s vote would be cast by a representative of their party — and counted — with every vote of Parliament!

The only way to truly  “Make Every Vote Count” is to “Make Every Vote Count – Always”!